Honey bud CEO Liu Nan turn off the PC side is victory

December 5-6, Chinese business leaders gathered in the top event — Chinese business leaders in Beijing National Convention Center curtain. More than one hundred of the most shining corporate leaders collective talk about an open economy. Both Liu Chuanzhi and Robin Li, Zhang Jindong such industry heavyweights on "change", but also the industry upstart, Chinese largest cross-border electricity supplier maternal CEO Liu Nan talked about the Chinese new electricity supplier development road.


cross-border electricity supplier will focus on adult

in the enterprise leader annual meeting, the peak forum "cross-border" landing The Belt and Road "highly sought after. The All seats are occupied. many attendees standing, even to the guests after nearly 2 hours of speech.

in fact, there is a reason for this forum touted: if the cross-border electricity supplier is the last piece of blue ocean electricity supplier, then 2015 is the first year of cross-border electricity supplier investment. Internet plus traditional foreign trade, cross-border electricity spawned the rise of Global trade, but also lead to the redistribution of resources. It can be said that the dividend policy of cross-border electricity supplier with the release period, has poqiang significance to the traditional trade theory, trade system. At the same time, cross-border electricity supplier is also blunt dilapidated trade barriers, so that the return of the nature of the business relationship between the subject and object.

In the

to "cross-border" as the theme of the forum, with the national policy for the topic background, invited leading figures in current Chinese cross-border electricity supplier in the field: both old export-oriented Dunhuang cross-border electricity supplier network, is also highly sought after China million mom cross-border electricity supplier baby honey bud, as well as to the community for the entrance the little red book, what is worth buying, even invited the cross-border electricity supplier logistics enterprises and academic experts will present the hottest full range includes.

honey bud CEO Liu Nan: "desire" to turn off the PC side

in this forum, in the discussion of how to force the traditional enterprise electricity supplier, enter the field of cross-border Chinese, the most well-known cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud CEO Liu Nan was once again stunned: a technical team and I honey bud, you don’t blame me for not giving you PC resources. In fact, if one day the honey bud PC website is turned off, it’s a win! "

has more than ten years of experience in Dunhuang electric network CEO Wang Shutong quickly caught the essence of Liu Nan’s words, and advice: "how to seize the opportune moment to enter when the electricity supplier in the field in the traditional enterprise think Liu Nan is considering closing, PC end, the meaning of your own experience."

Liu Nan said, "Honey bud off the PC end is victory" judgment, is behind a strong confidence: according to the latest statistics show that as of December 1, 2015, honey bud App sales accounted for more than 97% of the data is enough to make the whole industry shocked. It is the outstanding performance in the mobile terminal, just let the honey bud dare so decisive.

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