A New One On Me!

first_imgI thought I knew basketball rules pretty well.  I certainly new that the ball had to leave your hand for it to be a shot when clock management is in question.  I also believed that when the ball was inside the basket cylinder it was considered a made basket.   The UC game straightened me out.When UC’s Ellis attempted to dunk a basketball with time running out in the St. Joseph game, his basket should have tied the game and sent it to overtime.  However, the ruling was “since Ellis still had his fingers on the basketball, even though the ball was actually inside the basket, he had not technically shot the ball”.  Therefore, the horn went off before his fingers  left the basketball.  As a result, St. Joseph won and UC went home.The moral of the story:  If the clock is running out, throw it into the basket, don’t dunk it!last_img

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