How to make subordinates willing to obey you

the development of a good or bad and each member has a great relationship, want to make your business development better, only let subordinates willing to obey you. Only internal coordination, it is possible to stabilize the development of enterprise strength. An enterprise is a group, not only can be supported by a person down. So how to make subordinates willing to obey you?

b said "I am only 1 million deposit, but as long as you marry me, money is you; I am only 200 thousand car, but the car for you; although the house is not, but as long as you are with me, the production permit must add your name; although the annual income of only 300 thousand. But I will work hard. Not only for your emotional specificity, but also to make your life more and more happiness". Gentlemen, who would you choose? I asked a lot of students in class. Almost all have no choice but B, why? A very good, but how do you girls, not stand. B in the economy is not as good as a, however, the girl with the B, he will be good, that is, he is good.

I specially made investigation. The emotions of a leader

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