Give up public office to start a business

comfortable life make people satisfied with the status quo, Li Yufeng did not want such a life, he resigned from the public choose entrepreneurship, although there are many twists and turns, but success is the greatest return to him.

30 day, the reporter came to Li Yufeng’s home, near the location of the door, put a few have been packed ready to deliver underwear. Upstairs in the activity, the floor decorated with hundreds of pieces of different colors of women’s underwear, one side of the table, but also put not completed a stack to express a single. In the light of the process with reporters, Li Yufeng is also a mobile phone away from the hand, from time to time to bow to respond to customer problems.

2001, from Li Yufeng to find a stable job in Dalian, a business unit after graduating from Yanshan University, and later because don’t want nine to five life, he decided to resign entrepreneurship. In 2003, a chance, a friend of his own to operate the underwear shop out of the money, he felt it was an opportunity to put the store down. "At that time, a big man selling underwear, there must be no one to buy, so I hired a few salespeople, I am responsible for the purchase, the end of the inventory, income is not bad."

2008, taking into account the problem of children to school, Li Yufeng closed the store back to Changchun. In 2014, with the rise of micro business, he returned to the identity of the business, micro sales of women’s underwear in the network, only two years time, he sold tens of thousands of pieces of lingerie. "At that time, the child is small, the focus is to take care of the children, so the basic career is down." Li Yufeng said, now the children were teenagers, also don’t need so much time to take care of her, he began to venture.

"2014 WeChat circle sell more mask and cosmetics, but the few women’s underwear business. I happen to have sales experience in this area." Li Yufeng said with a smile, at first because of the circle of friends and friends, he is a man, it is easy for female customers misunderstanding. "My first customer was a nurse, and when I gave her a delivery, she thought I was a liar, and later found out that my underwear is really good, and I became friends, but also brought me a lot of customers." Li Yufeng said.

    since derivative, up to the day he had sold 16 pieces of underwear, "the male doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology so much, I sell lingerie what, so I respect my occupation, I want more people to respect my occupation!" Li Yufeng said.

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