Deyang to build a stage for migrant workers returning home

China labor mostly gathered in the eastern coastal and central city, to encourage more migrant workers entrepreneurship, Sichuan city of Deyang for the return of migrant workers to build a business competition, mining good agriculture entrepreneurial projects, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to return home.

"after the completion of the project, our company will form an annual output of 100 thousand sets of integrated LED module, integrated LED 100 thousand sets of energy-saving lighting products……" In October 22nd, the general manager of migrant workers entrepreneurs, Deyang Hengda Lighting Manufacturing Co Ltd is the first generation of Ming Sheng Deyang migrant workers entrepreneurship competition final on-site project roadshow.

generation Mingsheng roadshow project "integrated LED module development and application of industrialization", referring to what business means to deal with the market, he is confident. "The company has obtained 83 national patents, in the southwest of China, there are cities where our products!"

"home business these years, the government has given me a lot of help." Dai Ming Sheng said that in a number of enterprises to expand the scale of the process, the government provided land for him, a variety of fees. "Especially after decentralization, we work faster, they are willing to come to the factory to help us solve problems. Some time ago, the human resources and social Bureau has also come to explain the social security aspects of our employees, and now we have more than 300 employees to achieve full insured."

2010 years, on behalf of the Ming Dynasty to the factory moved to the industrial zone of Zhongjiang County, and then leased 60 acres of land, to achieve full mechanized production, annual sales revenue of more than 60 million yuan.

"migrant workers returning home for business, is an important force in public entrepreneurship, innovation", the development of local economy and society, has global significance." According to the Deyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social responsible person, in recent years, with the increasing trend of returning migrant workers, the nearest local employment and entrepreneurship personnel also more and more. This contest through projects in the form of a home business climax, mining good agriculture entrepreneurial projects, farmers play a typical role model of entrepreneurs.

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