nterpretation of the nternet business trends

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networks, the Internet thinking is also affecting everyone. In this era of the Internet, more and more people are more inclined to the Internet entrepreneurial army. What about the entrepreneurial environment under the Internet trend?

due to the unique characteristics of the Internet and Internet companies, such as the special business model, the Internet has a number of entrepreneurship with the traditional business of different places.

one is the Internet business and the latest technology closely linked, innovative requirements. Entrepreneurs only through the establishment of innovative awareness, cultivate new thinking, the production of innovative products to impress consumers, in order to enjoy high returns and high returns in order to gain a place in the competitive market. Internet entrepreneurial innovation is user oriented, not production-oriented. Therefore, the Internet entrepreneurs to explore consumer habits, in order to restructure the core technology.

two is the new economy of the Internet to entrepreneurship and innovation, venture capital formation of the iron triangle". The entrepreneurial process has the characteristics of high innovation difficulty, high capital investment and high market risk, which is matched with the risk preference of equity investment.

three is the main body of Internet entrepreneurship. With the flattening of the social network, the spread of knowledge and technology is more rapid, and the main body of the business is becoming more and more diversified. The new economy is entering the Internet, the Internet, the Internet of things, the Internet industry in the new stage.

four is the low cost of Internet entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs as long as there are innovative projects can be through the Internet to find talent, capital, etc., through the formation of a professional team significantly reduce the cost of entrepreneurship. Internet shortens the distance between entrepreneurs and users, but also accelerate the pace of innovation.

five is a strong derivative of the Internet industry. "Internet plus" era of entrepreneurship long industrial chain, the derivative is strong, have a broad space for cooperation and traditional industries. "Internet plus" business for industrial upgrading to provide technical support and thinking innovation.

six is the Internet business with a variety of business models. Through the network, entrepreneurs and users, the user can whim direct contact, meet the user experience.

seven Internet business environment is relatively transparent and fair, with the ability to guide the industry more healthy competition. The Internet gives everyone access to information, communication, expression, the same ability and opportunity to trade. This Pratt & Whitney empowerment capabilities, greatly boosting China’s entrepreneurial spirit and spirit of innovation, is a typical market plays a decisive role.

innovation driven to lead the tide of Internet business thinking

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