Build a platform to build a good entrepreneurial environment for innovation and Entrepreneurship

Lanzhou in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, but also in the joint venture to build entrepreneurial platform for entrepreneurs to create superior resources for entrepreneurs, but also believe that under the leadership of the policy, can help more people dream of entrepreneurship!

3 26, in the Chinese platform first item products issued will be held in Portland, reporters saw this new network platform will promote the "double" successfully attracted entrepreneurs eyes, from Gansu and other domestic city of more than ten, nearly 80 business representatives attended the seminar. According to the Municipal Commission of industry and the relevant staff, this network platform will aggregate resources, integrated services to help solve the problem of small and micro enterprise management.

in perfecting the service system of innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time, to create a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, promote cultural innovation, establish a value oriented innovation, entrepreneurship, the good ideas and new ideas into real entrepreneurial action, strengthen the innovation of publicity, so that innovative culture is prevailing in the people around.

play to guide the venture capital fund and the role of fiscal policy, give more support to Small and micro businesses start-up period. So the comprehensive force build recommendation

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