College Students’ conception of the 020 new model

what is the 020 mode? This problem is not a lot of people, it is a popular marketing model, which is online to offline consumption. How to do online and offline consumption? This is the majority of investors must do homework. College students talk about 020 new models, new ideas, new future.

O2O, full name onlinetooffline. Online and offline consumption. It has never been mentioned that the O2O model must form its own closed loop, or its name should be called "closed network consumption system". O2O mode is forced to add the concept of closed loop, just because it looks more market potential, more profitable space, so as to attract investment.

O2O mode, buy site closed loop is doing the best. Business information in his hands, user information in his hands, the consumer’s consumer funds through his hands, all the resources are in his hands, the right to speak is not too small. Why is there such a good closed loop network will have a large number of group buying site death? Some people say that is because the competition between the group purchase site; some say advertising investment is too large, to make ends meet.

The development of

The new idea of

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