Domestic mobile phone brands how to enter the competitive U S market survival

with the continuous development of the mobile phone market, the face of the population has no boundaries. Small series in the United States field visits operators and mobile phone stores. Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola is the most common brand, while China’s mobile phone brands are mainly ZTE, HTC and Al Carter (TCL communications).

> the survival status of the third quarter of this year, the top four mobile phone manufacturers for apple, Samsung, LG and zte.

1, patent. The patent is most likely to encounter China mobile phone manufacturers overseas expansion in the process of "stumbling block". The biggest impact of the case is the outbreak of the patent war with apple HTC, HTC after this battle after the great loss of energy, the global smartphone share is falling out of 10.

2, operator. American carriers such as brand, quality, aftermarket, >

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