nventory of those very useful cosmetics store promotion methods

businesses in order to attract more customers, often do some promotional activities is very necessary, especially in the cosmetics industry. Open a cosmetics shop, be sure to grasp some basic marketing skills. Promotion is a fast way to promote the common cosmetics store gross profit, on the one hand to expand the popularity, on the one hand, unsalable goods quickly sold, return cost. The following is a very useful method for your inventory of cosmetics store promotions.

A, seasonal promotion. 1 seasonal promotions, such as summer products is generally hot, facial mask, toilet water, sunscreen, refreshing lotion and lotion, perfume and fragrance agent, disinfection, children’s bath and skin etc.. 2 clearance sales season; summer clearance, clearance, clearance of season. For example, for the library to do more promotions for a brand to do a low price or buy a gift box promotions.

two, promotional gift. 1 gift promotion, 2 to buy gifts to send gifts to promote sales; buy one to send one, buy more to send one, send a red envelope, send points, buy more to send more.

three, leveraging the promotion. 1 use the fact that hot promotion, such as God nine flying. 2 star promotion, the use of entertainment star attraction. 3 dependent promotions, Olympic sponsors, double eleven promotions.

four, designated promotion. 1 designated product promotions, such as the purchase of the old blue eye cream to send the old blue Aloe Vera gel. 2  plus one yuan more than one, such as the ancient blue flower without adding moisturizing lotion plus one yuan to send a specified.

five, the added value of promotion. 1 brand promotion, 2 list promotions such as ancient blue flowers blue silk peptide won the National Eye brand sales champion 3 reputation promotion, invitation rebate, courteous praise praise such as marketing promotion rebate take witness invited to witness to give appropriate incentives. 4 commitment to promote the sale of invitations to buy a gift, to buy a guarantee does not regret, to ensure a month to see results. 5 story promotion   6 service promotion; help you develop weight loss plan, help you detect skin symptoms. Package mail, old for new.

six, offbeat promotions. 1 visual impact promotion 2 Fuzzy sales, cheap to sell. 3 the scarcity of promotion; the only agent, out of print sales, not to be missed. 4 notice type promotion, set the pre-sale date 5 anti promotion, for example, high price promotion. Sales price is not discounted. 6 suspense promotion, not price, guess the price.


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