Analysis on the key points of western restaurant chain stores

Xiaobian noticed a new restaurant near the residence of the chain has closed down, the store opened less than a year, it can be described as a failed investment case. If you want to do business, how to practice? What skills do you need to learn? These businesses are concerned about the problem, Xiao Bian summed up a few points, come to learn about.

A, "skill", do not sell goods

Chibian days – West restaurant chain management must have a better mousetrap, let customers remember things, for the customer to produce fresh, attractive. Due to different geographical characteristics, climate, customs and other different dishes in the raw materials, taste, cooking methods, eating habits have also formed their own different characteristics.

in the restaurant features scored the field, will meet with the local taste the dishes. To survive, it is necessary to carry out the development of innovation, reasonable collocation and innovation so that local people can eat the characteristics, but also to eat local dishes.

two, not luxury, to

relative to the luxurious decoration of the shop, in the feature, you can save 40% of the cost of renovation, and the effect is much better.

three, service to "homely", do not regulate

for the shop, the waiter was "homely" to take the initiative to greet is very effective to attract guests. For example, some of the guests into the dining room, is considering whether to eat here, then if there is a smiling waiter take the initiative to call "Welcome", at the same time. The passenger seat, recommending the main characteristics of dishes, under normal circumstances, even if the guests dining environment is not very satisfactory will not quit.

four, do not emphasize what are sold only a feature of

five, word of mouth is much more important than advertising

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