How spicy Hunan Restaurant

Shu and Sichuan is famous for its hot place, of course, the local delicacy spicy taste is a must, slowly is derived from Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan cuisine is known to spicy cuisine.

although western food is also popular in China, however, to say that the real popular food and dining, should also be Chinese food, because Chinese food more in line with the Chinese people’s eating habits and tastes. Spicy Hunan restaurant, spicy Hunan restaurant with Chinese local characteristics to create Chinese special delicacy.


spicy Hunan restaurant? Spicy Hunan Restaurant Brand:

spicy Hunan restaurant is 10 years old, Beijing rare authentic Hunan restaurant, authentic Hunan cuisine, decoration style and charm are graceful and bold in southern women’s breath, to the Northeast Home Dishes as the main characteristics of food and beverage, food brewing soy sauce braised a small potatoes, plus large Braised pork in brown sauce. With pepper, with fresh coriander, taste wonderful.

no matter how our lives change, food and beverage is an industry that never goes out of fashion. However, as the standard of living is getting higher and higher, people’s pursuit of food is also getting higher and higher. In order to meet this demand, spicy Hunan restaurant features dishes smell mandarin fish, Sauteed Gristles, stone pot cabbage, stone pot bullfrog, catfish fish head, delicious smell of Hunan mandarin fish, Sauteed Gristles, praised by consumers.

spicy Hunan restaurant opened at the beginning, then explore the Chinese culinary culture heritage, gathering house long, eclectic, develop big dishes for the purpose, according to customer needs and constantly develop new products, with its strong vitality, standing in the Korean market.


above is just a brief introduction to the spicy Hunan restaurant, specific details to join you can give us a message that in the website below.

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