Beijing will intensify efforts to strictly control food and drug safety

food and drug safety related to each person, so in order to make a reasonable plan, let more people not because of selfish and cause harm to society. Beijing will build 8 this year, to promote the food from farm to table, drugs from the laboratory to the supervision of the whole process of consumers, accelerate the pilot drug marketing authorization holder system process, and plans to achieve the goal of the creation of the "national food safety city" in 3 years.

2016 year, Beijing city issued a "Beijing city" in 13th Five-Year "period of food and drug safety development plan", the food and drug safety issues in the people’s livelihood in Beijing City, included in the municipal government focus on supervision and project performance appraisal system, overall planning of food and drug safety supervision.

according to the Beijing Municipal Food and drug safety monitoring results show that in 2016, the city and county level two food and drug supervision department completed a total of 163 thousand samples of food and drug sampling monitoring, medicine, medical, cosmetics, a total of 15 thousand sample testing, a pass rate of 99.85%, 95.57% and 99.43% respectively; basic medicine and community medicine lingchalv sampling qualified rate for 7 consecutive years to reach 100%; key food monitoring sampling pass rate of 98.5%.

at the same time, promote the coordination of food and drug safety supervision of Beijing, tianjin. Beijing, Tianjin and food and drug safety supervision department set up a linkage collaborative leadership team, and the establishment of a joint meeting system. Signed "1+5" cooperation agreement, including "1" is a large overall agreement, namely "deepening Tianjin Food and drug safety area construction mechanism of collaboration agreement"; the food field around the whole industry chain traceability, drug production supervision, food and drug inspection case inspection linkage, the market of livestock product circulation the quality and safety of signed 5 specific cooperation agreement, to enhance the level of regional food security. In medicine, carry out drug production enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei GMP (GMP) joint inspection, to promote the "Beijing · Cangzhou District of Bohai biomedical industry park policies floor, Beijing signed admission enterprises has reached 65.

in Beijing, will increase the control of food and drug safety, only to bring more peace of mind to the majority of the people of Beijing, so that people recognize. Conscientiously implement the pilot program for the implementation of the pilot system of drug listing holders in Beijing to speed up the pilot process. Actively promote the consistency of generic drugs, to promote the quality and efficacy of generic drugs continued to improve, and the original import of drugs in clinical practice to replace each other, enhance market competitiveness.

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