How to join Ziyan subway chicken

Chongqing Sichuan is famous delicacy of our Chinese Chongqing, surely we all know what Hot pot, Chongqing small noodles, but do you know? You really love the food brand Ziyan subway from Sichuan chicken is a delicious. Ziyan subway chicken to technics and raw materials, its unique thoroughly tempered preferred, Hechuan, Guangdong, Hunan knead the taste, a total of more than and 30 fine dishes to taste chicken, duck, lotus Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce mainly, in the centralized procurement and production scale advantages, produce products that truly matter and cheap, so they quickly become a local cuisines, enjoy " no Ziyan no seats as ". So such a good brand how to join it?

Ziyan subway chicken procedure:

1, consulting: our account manager will provide you with professional shop recommendations.

2, the company headquarters to study: conduct on-site investigation, our customer manager and technical adviser will further answering questions for you, and take you to visit our shop.

3, signing: you recognize the professional services we provide, but also believe that they can do a good job, a firm belief is the basis of our long-term cooperation.

4, training: our technical consultant will patiently teach you every process and all the work skills to ensure that when you leave, you have become an excellent technical consultant.

5, site selection: integrated years of experience as well as your own needs, we will build your own high-quality shops.

6, decoration: a unified image of the store, a unified operation of the process, so that you in the shortest possible time to achieve your entrepreneurial dream.

7, opening: the opening before the opening rush? Care for this and lose that? All right! Our technical advisers can visit the site to help you.

training and support:

marketing training: find shop skills, store decoration, personnel training, management, business promotion, branch management

technical training: dishes, Maotai technology, technology, technology, spicy pickled pickles, meat technology technology and special formula of

support: business planning, boss training, new product development, technology improvement, advertising, experience exchange

Ziyan subway Chinese cooked chicken, is the industry leader, is committed to providing consumers with products of good quality, delicious and bring praise to consumers, so that consumers.

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