Free to try to make the supermarket business hot

a supermarket business can be hot up, which is associated with many factors. Among them, the owner of the business strategy is naturally a great relationship. Operating a supermarket for some time, but the source of my supermarket is not very good. I also try to reflect, to find their own mistakes, but still no results. Later, I changed my mind, from mistakes into innovation. I think a lot of times, and there is nothing wrong with their own place, but can not be innovative. To this end, I conducted a series of bold attempt.

free play popular

we have a big supermarket in front of the door, so I took advantage of this open space. I put the top shelf in the supermarket to put there, let the children nearby free play. In addition, I will play with his son before the toys on the door for the children to play. We have a lot of people in the community, every night we will gather a lot of people at the entrance of the supermarket, I provide them with chairs, etc.. Gradually, I found that both the old man and the child, I took the supermarket as a leisure Square in front of the square. Look at these people there to chat, play, even if not shopping, my heart is very happy.

because they gathered at the door of our supermarket, I won popularity. Many customers have said: "you are so many people at the supermarket, bustling, I would like to buy things to many places, many people think that everyone is good, we think it is good, it can not be wrong!" Listen to the customer’s words, my heart filled with a thousand regrets. Yeah, it’s so important. The little things for me, not only to bring convenience, but also let you win the good source. Think about it, it really pays to pay ah!

complimentary win reputation

annual spring and autumn two season, I will come up with a certain number of pencils and books free of charge to students. In fact, the main purpose is to improve the visibility of our supermarkets, but also lay the foundation for the next step of marketing. By my reckoning, one hundred pencils and one hundred of the grid will add up to a hundred dollars, even if I lose money, is not what. A few days earlier, I posted a notice in the supermarket door, many students have watched. Then, they There were many discussions. Not to the beginning of the school, there are a lot of students go to the supermarket to inquire about the situation, at the same time, they also bought some common stationery.

and on that day of the giveaways, our supermarket is crowded. The children were very happy after the free gift. However, since they are here, the parents give them to buy other school supplies. I roughly calculated, just that day, our supermarket stationery sold more than 2000 yuan. A few days later, a series of students and parents into the store to ask for a gift, although has been missed

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