What do you do to the customer

since the emergence of online consumer systems, online evaluation becomes very critical, the general consumer will look at the store before the online consumer evaluation? This is a form of online word-of-mouth word-of-mouth. For businesses, most do not want to see the evaluation is bad, will do anything to eliminate customer dissatisfaction, because the boss will understand that Good news goes on crutches bad line in the restaurant, a bad review, offend a customer, seemingly small things, but was spread out will be fatal. Pay attention to your customers, cherish the image of your restaurant, in order to become bigger and stronger. In the face of poor customer evaluation, how to face it correctly?

customers to give you what to do?

consequences: the first assessment, may destroy a restaurant

recent news reports, a woman shopping in Taobao, due to the poor, took tens of thousands of stores customer service telephone harassment, in order to let her out. For adults, women find Taobao, consumer associations, and even alarm. Many people may think this is too hard, Taobao customer service, in order to a bad review, as for the


but Zhang Jing couldn’t help laughing when she saw the news, because she had a bad time. After graduating from the University of Zhang Jing in the real estate industry to do 5 years of planning, has accumulated a certain amount of money, and a few friends in a shopping center opened a beverage + snack food restaurant.

Zhang Jing know how to plan and marketing, business activities and holiday marketing done well. Opened one or two months, her restaurant specialty drinks and some simple meal by young people touted, around the office customers also asked when you can order takeout.

in the opening third months, Zhang Jing finally took away to do it. Printing leaflets, find people in the vicinity of a settled platform takeaway advertised. But after half a month Zhang Jing had received a bad review, because of the heavy rain, take out 4 drinks for nearly an hour before the hands of customers, and also poured two cups.

in order to save cost and develop customer resources, Zhang Jing is the choice of Baidu group and distribution services, so when these problems occurred and Zhang Jing failed to timely treatment, eventually see bad late. The store just promotion will have a bad review, Zhang Jing stores began to decline in Baidu and Midea Group takeaway orders of these two platforms. In the second half of the year, there have been 2 internal and external sales distribution problems, poor review all of a sudden there are more than two, the restaurant’s overall score down immediately.

Zhang Jing also thought to call the customer communication apology, so that customers delete bad reviews, but Zhang Jing was afraid of offending customers, after all, the restaurant is out of the question. Have to, Zhang Jing had to let the friends write more comments will be poor pressure down.


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