Nanjing property market grab room mode continues

in the face of the Nanjing property market crazy phenomenon, in front of several information reports, small series has been involved in a number of. However, at present, the Nanjing property market is still in a berserk situation, here we take a look at it!

this past weekend, a number of real estate reproduction of thousands of people to grab real pomp, while difficult to buy a house and the Price Bureau Price under the background of multi family real estate opening didn’t give any discount.

5 on the evening of 21 August, Binjiang Gulou MCC prosperous Binjiang opened for the first time, a total of 330 Suites attracted more than 1000 group identification chips. Last week also appeared thousands of people to grab real hot scenes, and Yang time Jiangning Longhu Chunjiang Li City, Jiangbei high tech Zone, Hong Xianlin’s high-end disk to improve the tech wing exit.

why the emergence of thousands of people looting room scene? After the competent authorities, the volume of a single listing of not less than 30 thousand square meters." Hexi, a developer marketing official said, the purpose of the new regulations is to prevent the opening of the market squeeze toothpaste, each pushing dozens of sets, each time prices. However, it is time for developers to prepare for the opening of the extension, so the accumulation of natural customers more, thousands of people robbed the room is not accidental.

"now also talk about where to live on what price, mimihuhu follow suit to rob, hundreds of million to buy something out." A weekend in emergency room of the public told Modern Express reporter, she entered the room when the building you want to have no houses to sell, it is tangled, beside the salesman urged her to say, there are hundreds of people waiting, hesitate not to buy, so she was chosen by the feeling a.

in addition to grab the number of housing, real estate prices are also the focus of attention. Modern Express reporter noted, "the opening concessions" has become arrogant real estate opening declaration. In accordance with the regulations, the developer to the public at the scene of the program, and the opening of the smelter in the heyday of Binjiang scene, a clear publicity: this opening no concessions. Yunfeng Jiangning green ocean mansion opened, the scene the same express without any concessions.

it is understood that the end of last year, Binjiang Shengshi metallurgical brewing market, at that time. The price is 40 thousand yuan, but the opening out of two different groups, the price is 10 thousand yuan, the price range of -3.7 million in the 27 thousand yuan / square meters. Developers admitted that the opening price has been price sector price, and therefore did not give any discount.

Nanjing property market was berserk, the purchase of hundreds of millions of money as to buy something, the moment was spent, not because of panic buying houses will be timely, have their own copy of the. What do you think of the crazy situation in Nanjing?

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