Open the ice cream shop to pay attention to which two points

a lot of people shop business is a behavior to follow the trend, in the end there is no market, what factors should be paid attention to, are not clear. Lead to the real business shop, either because of fierce competition, or because they do not pay attention to matters, the success rate is greatly reduced. Here, Xiao Bian suggested that if you want to successfully open an ice cream shop, naturally need to pay attention to two points. So, open the ice cream shop to pay attention to which two points? And let us know through a case. read more

How to start a business

nine to five life for millions of commuters week with the idea of entrepreneurship, but the business part-time, how to make career and work two not mistake, this need workers self coordination, following small series, will we provide some measures for reference.


to don’t want to take any risk but want to taste the taste of business office workers, may wish to try part-time. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, office workers to do part-time is a common phenomenon. Part-time jobs are high and low, according to his ability, the opportunity to decide. However, regardless of any part-time job, can exercise ability, accumulate experience, but also accumulated a certain amount of money, and save time, without abandoning the present job is just to make up for the shortage, think poineering work. read more

Shaoyang Fig let Yang Zhen home business success

with the gradual improvement of the Internet infrastructure in rural areas, agricultural development ushered in a new era of development with the network. This is a good time to return home to start a business, Shaoyang, a farmer on the fig + Internet round his entrepreneurial dream.

Shaodong County, Shaoyang city

peasant Yang Zhen planted a fig, in less than 1 years is a big success, caused by the county authorities concerned. Recently, the county science and technology will be the base of the fig Yang Zhen as one of the county’s ten major science base, to give support to its policies and technologies. read more

Shencanzhijian Penfolds road of entrepreneurship

is not what a terrible physical disability, has such a group of people admire the people in business group, independent entrepreneurs running rich shencanzhijian. Tian hirotada is one of the representatives, let’s take a look at his entrepreneurial story!

"last year loans 15 thousand yuan, bought dozens of lamb, the lamb more than and 100 this spring, have seen income." Bring their own goats in the Shapotou area Xiangshan Xiang Liang Chuan village Tian Guangzhong face covered with a smile. In recent years, a handful of Sichuan village of breeding experience he also keeps the existing large farms. read more

Open a pet hospital can make money

we will be sick, cute little animals, too, there are special for them to see a doctor’s pet hospital, there is a great demand for the kitten puppy can also make a lot of money to see a doctor? You’re right! Now this is a very profitable industry, even more than open pharmacies, clothing, food, home stores also earn. Now, many families have pets, or Xipixiaolian matador, or hair curly poodle, all have one or two small pets, so pet hospital market prospects.

market analysis:

pet doctor: 20 yuan registered, hanging brine ~200 yuan 120 yuan, 6 doctors and nurses to serve the 3. In the eyes of many people, pets can exercise their patience and sense of responsibility. Some are kept outside the busy business, afraid of wife at home alone, specially bought for his wife company; some parents to children to buy "anaerobic"; some are considering raising domestic safety; some is the Ding Ke family put it as a child; there is a white-collar miss because of love or something unpleasant, a pet to adjust their mood. In either case, these pets have become a part of the family, in the eyes of the owner is not an animal. read more

The fifth session of the Suzhou creative fair college students creative entrepreneurship camp starte

college students can be said to be the most innovative entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of a group of people, young customers always have endless creative. In order to encourage college students to innovate and entrepreneurship, Suzhou creative college students will start a creative camp, showing outstanding entrepreneurial achievements of College students.

fifth Suzhou chuangbo "College Students’ creative entrepreneurship camp started yesterday in the city, and a product sales and the employment of college students set up the bridge for the business"". read more