Huang Cong 5 ways to solve the high quality of the chain


4, outbound links less page

if you want to do is clothing website, so if you want to A pages to do outside the chain, and clothing related web pages to do outside the chain, such as B, C, D is the chain you do ", then the page and page needs is the same theme, only is the quality of the chain. For example, B "is the theme of how to describe selection of winter clothes, and C, D" is to describe the mower, then the chain was B page top to one hundred C, the D page of the chain. read more

Love Shanghai launched outside the chain of tools that exist value chain

4. if there is no chain


If the

said above is purely my personal point of view, does not mean it, everyone has everyone’s opinion, people think the chain is very effective, but the best mining chain weight high, don’t waste your time on the chain of low efficiency, little effect.

read many articles in the webmaster online said the chain is not more and more attention in the future may not effect any chain, high quality website content and good user experience can improve the value of the site. I think this is wrong, a lot of views can confirm the author’s personal point of view. read more