Impropriety at ISSA?

first_imgPresident of ISSA Dr Walton Small Old Boys Associations calls for audit of Association’s financial recordsThe Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) has come under intense scrutiny after an alliance of old boys’ associations of five prominent  Jamaican high schools lodged a better complaint to the Ministry of Education about the operation of the school sporting body.The old boys’ associations of Calabar, Jamaica College, Kingston College, St. George’s College and Wolmer’s Boys’ School, submitted to the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information outlining a number of concerns.The letter dated June 2 was addressed to the Permanent Secretary,  Deanroy Bernard, and copied to a number of individuals in various government ministries,  including Education Minister Ruel Reid and Sports Minister Olivia Grange.The letter stated that the various associations have no confidence in ISSA’s desire to develop and protect student athletes and demanded an immediate forensic audit of ISSA’s financial records for the last five years.Dr. Walton Small, Principal of Wolmer’s Boys’ School, is the President of ISSA.Below is the letter addressed to the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information:As an alliance comprising the Old Boys Associations of Calabar High School, Jamaica College, Kingston College, St. George’s College and Wolmer’s Boys’ School, we hereby write to bring to your attention several concerns that we have in relation to the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA).These concerns are primarily rooted in the grave lack of transparency, accountability and governance in how ISSA conducts its operations as well as the exploitative nature of aspects of ISSA’s handling of student athletes. We have approached ISSA through their president in the past and have found their response to be quite dismissive.ISSA has always been described by its Executive as a non-profit organization, and they have repeatedly insinuated that a large portion of the funds that they generate and collect are given back to the schools that participate in their events.An aerial view of the National Stadium during Boys and Girls Champs 2015We find these assertions difficult to reconcile with the fact that our research indicates that ISSA currently receives in excess of Two Hundred Million Dollars ($200 M) per annum from corporate sponsors alone, yet its total contribution to one of the leading participating schools for last year was under a million dollars.The members of the ISSA Executive have also described their positions as being voluntary in nature. However, we have been reliably informed that this is far from reality.It is our understanding that Executive Members do indeed receive monetary payments from ISSA, in addition to the Association paying for their foreign travel and accommodations when they represent and act – sometimes only putatively – on behalf of ISSA.It has also come to our attention that some members of the ISSA Executive  are Directors of Greenfield Media Productions Ltd. (GMPL), a joint venture between ISSA and Grace Kennedy, the major sponsor of Boys and Girls Championships.Student athletes are the products from whom ISSA ultimately derives its income; these students sacrifice class time to compete in ISSA’s competitions, while placing themselves at risk of injury in the process.Action from the Manning CupIt is for these reasons that many of these athletes are in dire need of far more remedial classes and critical emergency medical care. However, it is past students and the respective alumni associations like ours that, largely, fund these crucial needs. It would appear that ISSA has taken a decision to resile from contributing in these areas.  Accordingly, we have little confidence in ISSA’s desire or ability to develop and protect our student athletes.Furthermore, very little information on ISSA is made available to the public and attempts by alumni associations such as ours to access even basic documentation about that entity quite often run into roadblocks.Meanwhile, ISSA’s accountability/reporting framework remains unclear to us. It is not clear to whom ISSA reports in the Government bureaucracy, or whether it is currently being made to report to anyone at all. What does seem more apparent is that this body is operating without any robust governance structure, without properly established checks and balances, or guidelines for sound oversight.As an entity that coordinates and hosts sporting activities for secondary schools that are funded from the Consolidated Fund, we believe that ISSA, too, should be subjected to the Corporate Governance Framework for Public Sector Bodies of Jamaica.This is a major area of concern as our Old Boys’ associations have always been significant stakeholders in the development of our schools, and our efforts have borne fruit in many ways, including improved academic performance and sporting excellence.Our associations contribute to the welfare and learning of current students through scholarships, mentoring, feeding programmes, etc.Millions of dollars are spent annually on medical bills, physiotherapy, nutrition and hydration, feeding programmes, training camps and athletic equipment and gear.The harsh reality is that these costs are borne by the alumnae of each institution. A rough estimate puts the yearly expenditure of each school on its athletic programme above that of any single sponsorship package we have heard announced.  In essence, this makes Calabar, JC, Wolmer’s, St George’s and KC, collectively, the largest financial contributor (read: sponsor) in making ISSA events successful.  Yet, they refuse to even engage us in dialogue.  (And, à la Shirley Chisholm, if they don’t give us a seat at the table, we are prepared to bring a folding chair!)In light of the above, we consider the following questions germane:1). Should ISSA be allowed to collect funds year after year without providing proper financial statements? Who is responsible for conducting financial and operational audits – if any – of ISSA? If audits have been done, when was the most recent one and are audit reports available for scrutiny? Does ISSA submit its accounting records, bank statements and audited financial statements to the Ministry of Education (MOE)?2). Should ISSA be allowed to keep large sums of money on fixed deposit, when many schools are having challenges meeting the requirements of participating in ISSA-run events because of financial constraints? Is the MOE or any other government ministry, agency or department keeping track of ISSA’s various current, savings and investment accounts?3). If many of the costs associated with the schools’ sporting programmes are already being borne by the schools, parents and alumni, shouldn’t ISSA have more funding available to remit to the schools?4). When one considers the fact that athletes have to sacrifice study time and classroom contact hours in order to put in the work required to achieve the world class standards of athletic performance at the annual Boys and Girls Athletics Championships, is it morally or ethically right for ISSA not to bear the burden of replacing these lost contact hours, especially when, for many of these athletes, they are unable to afford extra or remedial classes on their own?Shouldn’t ISSA have in place some sort of remedial summer or weekend-class program for example, to put back what the student athletes have lost in order to make the Championships the wildly profitable and internationally renowned event that it is?5). If the persons who comprise the ISSA Executive owe their places on that Executive solely to the fact that they are all employed to the MOE as principals of high schools, then should such persons be allowed to accrue financial gain from their participation in ISSA? Would such a situation not, almost inevitably, result in obvious conflicts of interest?6). Are ISSA Executive Members who sit on the board of Greenfield Media Production Ltd (GMP)  receiving any direct financial benefits from that joint venture? Are they members of GMP in their individual capacity or as officers of ISSA? If they are, wouldn’t such a situation also result in further conflicts of interest?We are of the view that answers to the above questions will serve to enlighten the public on the potential for funding assistance and greater academic support for participating schools in future events.This financial aspect touches on the governance structure that ought to be required for a body such as ISSA, which impacts significantly the sporting performance and the development of athletes in Jamaica. Events such as the annual Boys & Girls’ Athletic Championships, the Manning Cup and DaCosta Cup football competitions are always of great national interest and importance.Accordingly, to address these issues we would like to respectfully recommend the following:1). An immediate forensic audit of ISSA’s financial records for the last five years be carried out and the findings made known. Particular scrutiny should be directed at payments and benefits that have been given to Executive Members.2). ISSA’s company documents, financial records and meeting records should be open and available to all key stakeholders (i.e., PTA, Alumni Associations, Coaches Association, MOE).3). Full financial and personal disclosure requirements for all ISSA Executive Members ought to become mandatory.4). Consideration should be given to diversifying the make-up of the ISSA Board to allow for representatives from the alumni associations, the Coaches Association, National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica (NPTAJ) and the MOE.5). Term limits for all ISSA Executive Members established and enforced based on guidelines for similar public funded bodies.6). Establishment of an oversight body for the ISSA, together with a clear and unambiguous reporting structure.7). Establishment of strict and transparent guidelines governing payments and remitting of funds to the participating schools.8). Consideration be given to setting restrictions on how ISSA may spend its net financial resources; specifically, this should be confined to direct reinvestment in the schools, especially in the area of student-athlete academic support.9). Promotion of greater probity and integrity in ISSA’s management and execution practices through random audits of ISSA sporting events.10). Conduct within ISSA be guided by a code of ethics, which would, inter alia, prohibit Executive Members from using their positions for personal financial gain.In light of the fact that all of current ISSA Executive Members are employees of Government-run schools who ought to submit Statutory Declaration of Assets, Liabilities & Income pursuant to the Corruption (Prevention) Act, and that the MOE has an obligation to the public to ensure that those in its employ conduct themselves in a manner that is always unquestionably above board, we are seeking your direct intervention in his matter.We anticipate receiving an acknowledgement and a timely response.last_img read more

Incest on the rise in St Lucia

first_imgOver 80 percent of reports to Human Services are about incest.The head of Saint Lucia’s Department of Social Services, has reported that her department is receiving ‘alarming’ reports of incest and wants the activity to stop.According to the department incest continues to be a ‘real issue’ for the Department of Human Services.“A lot of our reports, over 80 percent of our reports, are that of incestuous relationships. Particularly of sexual relationships between fathers and daughters, siblings and other family members,” Director of Social Services on the island, Elizabeth Lewis, said. A longstanding issueLewis said her department recognizes that incest has been a long standing issue in the society.Several reasons have been offered to explain why incest occurs, but there has never been any research to determine what the issue really is.Lewis said incest is a source of concern for the Department of Human Services.“We are always concerned because we recognize that it is a criminal offence in Saint Lucia,” she told St Lucia Times, adding that the activity has a devastating psychological effect on victims and families.“Persons who have these tendencies need to see a psychologist – they need to see a counsellor to deal with whatever issues that they have,” Lewis said.Lewis said persons who know of cases of incest should report the matter to the authorities.“What we are seeing a lot of times is that victims of incest become perpetrators of it,” she observed. Brother propositioned his two sistersShe spoke against the backdrop of reports in the local media this week that that a local woman and her sister were propositioned by their brother during a WhatsApp conversation.One of the women said the brother even wanted to arrange for her to spend time with him at a guest house where they could have sexual relations.The woman, who said she was angry and disgusted, disclosed that she shared the offensive messages with the rest of her family and told the brother she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.She also said she spoke with the man’s wife out of concern of what he may do to his own children.She said her brother then asserted that she was accusing him in an effort to obtain family property.“He even told someone that he did not know it was me – he thought that it was his wife he was messaging,” she said.last_img read more

UN Agencies Warn Millions May Slide into Extreme Poverty in the…

first_imgThe agencies proposed the anti-hunger grant as part of a set of measures aimed at ensuring that all households can access sufficient, nutritious food; food system companies and stakeholders can carry out their work; and countries can have enough food to guarantee supply at reasonable prices. “Due to increased unemployment and declining income, millions of people are not able to buy enough food, and many others are being forced to opt for cheaper food that has less nutritional value,” the report says.  The other measures forming part of this ten-point list are: Reinforce school-based food programs to ensure that children and adolescents get fed; support civil society organizations’ food assistance initiatives; provide financial support (credit and production subsidies) for agricultural companies, oriented mainly towards family agriculture; and adjust sanitary and health protocols for food production and transportation and in wholesale and retail markets. “In a matter of months, we may lose what we have achieved in 15 years,” he warned. “Millions of people may end up going hungry. That is the gravity of the current problem.”  It says the effects of the crisis can already be seen in food systems: workers’ vulnerability has grown and domestic food prices are rising more than the price of other products in the basic basket, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  ECLAC and FAO recommended the latter option, which would have an estimated cost of US$23.5 billion.  According to the report, after seven years of slow growth, Latin America and the Caribbean could experience the biggest drop in regional gross domestic product (GDP) in a century (-5.3 percent), “which will push 16 million more people into conditions of extreme poverty in 2020 versus the previous year, to total 83.4 million people in all.  FAO’s Regional Representative, Julio Berdegué, said that, in the region, “we may have a historic setback in the fight against hunger.  “The impact on hunger will also be very significant, taking into account that, in 2016-2018, there were already 53.7 million people experiencing severe food insecurity in Latin America,” the report says. According to the report, the Anti-Hunger Grant could take the form of cash transfers, food baskets or vouchers to the entire population living in extreme poverty for a six-month period, equivalent to 70 percent of the regional extreme poverty line (US$47 dollars based on the 2010 dollar). The joint report calls for international cooperation to support countries in greater situations of vulnerability.center_img For producers in the food system, the UN agencies proposed an increase of at least 20 percent in the average credit portfolio from the last three years, which would add up to around US$5.5 billion dollars for loans under favorable conditions that would be financed by a special line from multilateral and development banks.  The other measures are: Expand and ensure the functioning of programs to support production for one’s own consumption; ensure funding, technical assistance, and access to inputs and labor for artisanal farmers and fishermen and women; establish streamlined mechanisms for consultation and public-private coordination among all the stakeholders in the food system; prevent wholesale and retail markets and agro-industries from closing or reducing their operations; and maintain the policies that have kept global food trade open, in particular avoiding protectionist measures that would increase food prices. SANTIAGO – Two United Nations agencies have warned that millions of people may slide into extreme poverty and hunger in 2020 in Latin America and the Caribbean due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) impact. The report said the grant would amount to 0.06 percent of regional GDP if it were provided exclusively to the population aged 65 and older that lives in extreme poverty, or to 0.45 percent of GDP if coverage were given to the entire population facing extreme poverty.  crisis: Urgent measures against hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean,” the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), said that as a result of the crisis prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the population living in extreme poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean could reach 83.4 million people in 2020, “which would entail a significant rise in hunger levels due to the difficulties these people will face in accessing food.”  In addition, ECLAC and FAO said for the family farm units that lag the furthest behind, a basic investment kit (US$250 dollars) could be provided on a regional scale at a cost of US$1.7 billion dollars.  “That is why we are proposing complementing the Emergency Basic Income (EBI) with the provision of an Anti-Hunger Grant (AHG),” she said.   Alicia Bárcena, ECLAC’s Executive Secretary, said: “The major task we have ahead of us is to keep the health crisis from turning into a food crisis.  CMClast_img read more

Lack Of Physical Presence In Rampant Liverpool Attack Could Be Banana Peel

first_imgJurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team have started the 2017/18 Premier League season like a house on fire, playing some daring and heart-warming football, especially the forwards.The Reds to date have netted an impressive eight goals in three league games, Sadio Mane top of the chart with three league strikes, recorded in three successive games.Much of the early season projections appear to favour a head-to-head title race between rivals-Manchester United and Liverpool- with a section of pundits appearing to tilt the pendulum slightly in the Reds direction for a maiden Premier League title.While fans, viewers are being blown away by the free-flowing attacking football exhibited by the trio of Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah, coupled with their lightning counterattacks, which has gone a long way in calming frayed nerves about the absence of want-away star Philipe Coutinho, the major source of worry for observers is an obvious lack of height in attack, an Achilles’ heel that in the not-so-distant future will be exploited by opponents in a league which thrives on physicality and bullying.Mane stands at 5 ft 9 in, same as Salah 5 ft 9 in, while Firmino appears to have a few inches over his peers standing at 5ft 11 in. The situation isn’t exactly helped equally by new £35million signing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, whose height is recorded at an average 5 ft 11 in.Added to Adam Lallana and Coutinho, Klopp might have a huge problem against physically imposing opponents who have a ready-made antidote to his side’s free-flowing, fast paced football.The decision to loan out the one major physical threat in Liverpool’s attack, Divock Origi to Wolfsburg might comeback to hurt and hunt the Reds, considering Daniel Sturridge isn’t the most physical, equally not the most ignorable in terms of size, but are his well-documented injury problems over?This leaves the manager with just ONE major physical threat in attack, in the form of inexperienced Dominic Solanke, the new signing from Chelsea who was selected as the best player and top goalscorer at the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup, a tournament England won.Failure to address this glaring loophole in the Liverpool attack could lead to the Reds once again becoming the leagues ‘nearly team’, and they could well be struggling for the final two UEFA Champions League qualification spot at the end of the season.RelatedEPL: Liverpool Back On Top to Claim First TitleFebruary 9, 2019In “England”Beating Liverpool is ‘virtually impossible’ says Cardiff City CoachOctober 26, 2018In “England”Liverpool Cruise to a 3-0 Win Against WatfordNovember 24, 2018In “England”last_img read more

2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Wrap (Africa): Senegal, Tunisia Record Important Wins In Race…

first_imgStandings(5 games):Tunisia 13 pointsDR Congo 10 pointsGuinea 3 pointsLibya Standings(5 games):Nigeria 13 pointsZambia 7 pointsCameroon 6 pointsAlgeria 1 point Group D:Cape Verde 0-2 SenegalSouth Africa 3-1 Burkina Faso Standings:Senegal 8 points (4 games)Burkina Faso 6 points (5 games)Cape Verde 6 points (5 games)South Africa 4 points (4 games) Group C:Mali 0-0 Ivory CoastMorocco 3-0 GabonStandings(5 games):Morocco 9 pointsIvory Coast 8 pointsGabon 5 pointsMali 3 points Group B:Nigeria 1-0 ZambiaCameroon 2-0 Algeria RelatedCAF #WCQ Match Day 5: Nigeria, Tunisia, and Egypt one win away from Russia 2018.October 5, 2017In “Africa”CAF #WCQ Roundup: Four Teams Eliminated, Others Continue 2018 FIFA World Cup Ticket ChaseSeptember 6, 2017In “Africa”2018 World Cup: Nigeria, DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, & Egypt Seek To Consolidate Positions Ahead Of Double HeadersAugust 31, 2017In “Africa” Group E:Uganda 0-0 GhanaEgypt vs. Congo (Sunday)Standings:Egypt 9 points (4 games)Uganda 8 points (5 games)Ghana 6 points (5 games)Congo 1 point (4 games) Senegal took a big step towards qualifying for Russia 2018 after they scored two late goals to secure a 2-0 away win over Cape Verde in Group D of the African qualifiers.West Ham United striker Diafra Sakho and Cheikh Ndoye scored in the last ten minutes as Senegal leapfrog both Cape Verde and Burkina Faso into top spot. This win would be a morale-boosting one ahead of the double header against South Africa in November.In Group A, Tunisia are close to sealing a place at next year’s World Cup after a 4-1 win against hosts Guinea meant they need just a point in their last qualifier against Libya at home to confirm their spot in Russia. Forward Youssef Msakni scored a hattrick against the home side, who ended up with 10 men after RB Leipzig midfielder Naby Keita was sent off.Group A:Libya 1-2 DR CongoGuinea 1-4 Tunisialast_img read more

PokerStars extends Bolt coverage with IAAF Monaco Diamond League sponsorship

first_imgShare Share Related Articles UK drives Stars Group growth despite international ‘disruptions’ February 27, 2020 PokerStars moves to refresh global appeal with ‘I’M IN’ August 18, 2020 ‘Deal maker’ Rafi Ashkenazi ends Flutter tenure  August 27, 2020 StumbleUpon Submit Amaya Inc online poker subsidiary PokerStars has furthered its brand coverage partnership with new poker ambassador Usain Bolt, confirming that it will sponsor the upcoming  IAAF Monaco Diamond League athletics meeting at the Stade Louis II Stadium on July 21.PokerStars will provide the bibs for all eight athletes competing in the men’s 100m race, as they tune up for next month’s  the IAAF London World Championships in London. The race will undoubtedly be a monumental historic significance to the world of athletics, as it’s the penultimate race of Bolt’s illustrious career.  Eric Hollreiser, PokerStars Director of Corporate Communications lauded the unmistakeable Bolt with praise, “Usain is one of the greatest athletes in history and we look forward to seeing him in what will be an exciting event for sport fans around the world.” He went onto add that “PokerStars is proud to support the men’s 100m race at the IAAF Monaco Diamond League and further our relationship with Usain Bolt.” This summer PokerStars marketing announced that Usain Bolt, the world’s greatest sprinter would be joining Team PokerStars, initially competing in its ‘All-in’ challenge against friend and fellow PokerStars Brand Ambassador  Kevin Hart (US Comedian/Actor). For PokerStars, maintaining a cordial partnership with Bolt as he concludes his prestigious career, will provide them with a tremendous opportunity to not only be part of history, but to promote their brand and the game of poker to a much wider reaching market.last_img read more

Paul Mills joins SBC from Clarion Gaming to head up events portfolio

first_img SBC Global has appointed Paul Mills as Chief Operating Officer for its burgeoning events portfolio, which includes September’s Betting on Sports conference and exhibition, Betting on Football and the SBC Awards, now confirmed for Tuesday 5th December.Mills is well known in gambling and exhibition circles after 15 years working on the ICE show and associated events. In his new role he is heading up the planning and operations of SBC’s betting industry focused events. He will be reporting into founder Rasmus Sojmark and MD Andrew McCarron. Sojmark commented: “We’re delighted to have Paul join the team as he is popular and well respected across the gaming industry. With SBC Events growing rapidly year over year it was important to get someone of Paul’s ability in to take control and help guide the future direction of the company.”Mills added: “After so long at Clarion, I felt it was time for a new challenge and was pleased when the opportunity at SBC arose as it meant I was able to remain in the gambling sector. SBC’s events have been getting increasingly popular over the past few years and I’m excited to now be a part of it.”Mills started his career in events  and gaming with ATE working as part of the sales team on ATEI, ICE, EIG and the Betting Show. When Clarion acquired ATE, he moved into the operations department where he worked across Clarion’s wider portfolio of events and headed up the Trade Operations Team. Throughout this time he still was involved with the gaming department managing the operations and logistics across all the gaming events. Most recently he was responsible for creating and leading the Totally Gaming Academy. McCarron added: “I’ve known Paul for many years so it’s great to have him on board. With Lizzie Blake leaving SBC, Paul will now have the chance to build up his team in order to improve our events even further. I want to thank Lizzie for being involved in SBC’s growth over the past 12 months.”The first big task for Mills is the Betting on Sports Conference, which is being held at Olympia Conference Centre across 12-15 September, and the SBC Awards which will be held at HAC on 5th December.Joe StreeterAnother new addition to Team SBC is Joe Streeter, who has joined the content division, which looks after news on,, and provides the news for Clarion’s portal. Streeter, who has a Masters in International Journalism, has joined SBC’s Greater Manchester Office and will work across the news portfolio.SBC Events is part of SBC Global (Sports Betting Community), which works with industry leaders to develop the sports betting industry. Services include news coverage, knowledge creation, conferences and exhibitions, seminars and industry awards. StumbleUpon Covid concerns see Clarion Gaming move ICE 2021 to April    July 15, 2020 Share Share Submit Related Articles Khalid Ali, IBIA: Tackling sports betting corruption December 18, 2019 Ben Keith, Star Sports: racing must be diverse, fun, and welcoming January 22, 2020last_img read more

1xBet gets ready to enter the North American market

first_img StumbleUpon SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Related Articles Share Share Submit Why leading esports titles should not be overlooked as substitutes to real sports April 15, 2020 FES and Incentive Games launch esports prediction game June 2, 2020 Just three weeks after 1xBet sponsored Betting on Sports America in New Jersey, we caught up with Alex Sommers – the company’s director of affiliate marketing – to discuss entering the US, and why 100 million adult bettors is a good indicator of the country’s potential to house the world’s largest gambling market.SBC: US punters are said to crave a more social sports betting experience; how is 1xBet equipped to satisfy this demand?AS: At 1xBet, we always put our customers first and we try to accommodate all of their wishes. What’s more, with our professional team of developers, we are ready to meet the extra needs of American customers, should this be required.SBC: How important will lessons learned from Europe be to the roll out of sports betting across the US, both from a regulatory and product standpoint?AS: 1xBet has been successfully operating in the European market for quite a few years now. Moreover, our sports betting is accessible to customers in Asia and we have also recently expanded into Africa. Our company uses a high-tech platform, which clearly demonstrates 1xBet’s modern approach to online betting. This experience is very important to us. As you can see, we are fully prepared to enter the North American market.SBC: ‘Player vs Player’ and ‘Player vs Team’ markets have become a mainstay of the 1xBet offering in Europe: how popular are these likely to be in the US?AS: Americans are just as keen on sports as Europeans, so we know these markets will be popular as well. At the same time ‘Player vs Player’ and ‘Player vs Team’ is just a small part of our huge platform. We have a big variety of markets in which each user can find the appropriate market.SBC: How committed is 1xBet to guarding against the spread of problem gambling in the US?AS: We think that gambling should be a type of leisure and entertainment. At the same time, our company will adhere to the relevant US regulatory requirements on this issue.SBC: Finally, do you think the US will become the biggest gambling market in the world?AS: Americans are crazy about sport. According to estimates, about 100 million American adults have either already placed or will place a bet on sport. This is a good indicator of the huge potential of the US to become the world’s largest gambling market. We are attentively monitoring and exploring all the changes on this market.last_img read more

LeoVegas overturns Swedish licensing restrictions

first_img LeoVegas hits back at Swedish regulations despite Q2 successes August 13, 2020 Kambi takes full control of LeoVegas sportsbook portfolio August 26, 2020 StumbleUpon Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 Related Articles Submit Share Share Stockholm-listed online gambling group LeoVegas AB has re-established its five-year Swedish gaming licence, having won its appeal against gaming inspectorate Spelinspektionen.LeoVegas governance had challenged Spelinspektionen’s decision to limit its licence to a two-year operating period, in relation to committing UK advertising violations.Filing a challenge with the Swedish Administrative Court of Linköping, LeoVegas governance contested the decision by stating that foreign regulatory discrepancies should hold no bearing on an incumbent’s licence conditions.Contesting Spelinspektionen actions, LeoVegas governance cited that its UK marketing discrepancies related to 2016 and that the operator had implemented all the demands administered by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), fulfiling its licensee terms for the UK market.“A regulated market has more extensive requirements in relation to responsible gaming with a strong consumer protection focus,” says Vala Karimi, General Counsel LeoVegas. “LeoVegas welcomed the regulation even before its introduction and sees the decision of the Administrative Court as very positive and it gives us an opportunity to continue to focus on compliance.”In its update, LeoVegas governance underlines its commitment to responsible gambling as a Swedish licensed operator, with the company having launched its LeoSafePlay vertical as a separate business unit with the goal of creating the ‘best conditions for the next generation system, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence’.Commenting on developments, Gustaf Hagman, Group CEO LeoVegas, said:”After our investments in regulatory compliance and our experiences from regulated markets, this decision is a receipt that we are conducting a professional business. I am proud of our teams that have delivered this in the difficult-navigating environment in which we operate.“The extended license gives us continued peace of mind in the Swedish market, where we take market shares month by month. We also see that several smaller players are leaving the market at the same time as marketing has diminished. With our eight gaming licenses I look forward to the continued offensive expansion, and this year alone we have gone live in several new markets and we will continue to focus on profitable growth.”last_img read more

DOWNLOAD: Superbet CEO stars in first SBC Magazine for 2020

first_img Xtremepush secures ‘OpenMarket’ supplier accreditation   August 26, 2020 Submit Share StumbleUpon Share Kambi takes control of Churchill Downs BetAmerica sportsbook August 28, 2020 Related Articles Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 Romanian betting operator Superbet will use an injection of cash from Blackstone to build a bigger online profile as it tries to replicate the success of its retail business. That’s according to new CEO Johnny Hartnett, the subject of our lead interview for the first SBC Magazine of the year, which is now available to download HERE.Hartnett, who joined the company in the summer of 2019, explained: “The online business is relatively new, in that it only launched in 2015, so there’s still plenty of headroom for growth. “The launch of the native android iOS apps with gaming and sports have only happened over the course of the last 12 months. They’re providing a pretty good platform for growth, and hopefully this can be replicated internationally.  “As for what I can do, I think they’ve brought me here to try and help steer the ship with regards to some of those opportunities which is pretty exciting. Obviously the business is pretty well capitalised now given the transaction with our partners from Blackstone last year.”This interview precedes a sports betting guide to the industry’s early year gathering in London, featuring insight on four key topics for this year’s ICE VOX – German regulation, the future for bonusing, LatAm expansion and the second wave of US market adopters.But that’s just the start, as we take a tour of the biggest issues facing companies involved in sports betting, casino, payments and marketing. Inevitably, responsible gambling, emerging markets and tech advancements are a running theme across all four.An extensive list of experts following Hartnett into the interview chair include theScore CEO John Levy, Optima CEO Jacob Lopez, Sportradar CEO Carsten Koerl, Better Collective CEO Jesper Søgaard, SBTech President Melissa Riahei and Keith O’Loughlin, SVP for Sportsbook and Platforms at SG Digital.And that’s not to mention a double take on the commitment to responsible casino gaming from Microgaming CEO John Coleman and Swintt CEO David Flynn.We have also brought to life a number of debates from recent SBC conferences, for example an operator and charity clash over the future for CSR initiatives and what impact the launch of ‘The Hundred’ – cricket’s fourth major format – might have on betting trends for the sport.For all this and more, download your copy of the SBC Magazine today by clicking HERE, or come by our stand S3-207 to pick up a hard copy next week!last_img read more