Tesla Motors suing BBCs Top Gear for libel

first_imgIf you were watching BBC’s Top Gear about three years ago, you may remember the unfortunate episode where the crew tested the Tesla Roadster. The segment showed the Roadster running out of its electric charge during a race against the gas-powered Lotus Elite, which the Roadster is based on.Though just a startup company at the time when the show aired in 2008, Tesla Motors is now a big name, and the company is not happy with the results of Top Gear’s episode. Tesla Motors is suing BBC for allegedly falsely representing the Roadster’s performance.AdChoices广告After 55 miles, the first car’s battery ran out, and another car’s motor overheated. Then, there were problems with the brakes with the first car. This video is all over the Internet and has been for the past few years, thus Tesla’s libel suit.Tesla’s VP of Communication Ricardo Reyes wrote in a blog post on the official Tesla blog that Tesla was “good sports” when the show ran back in 2008 while Tesla was still a young start-up. He says Tesla is now in the game with high-profile investments and partnerships, and Tesla wants to set the record straight. Reyes said the company’s repeated attempts to contact the BBC over the course of months were ignored, and a lawsuit for libel and malicious falsehood was the only way to go.In the blog post, Reyes lists bullet points of what Top Gear claims happened while testing the Roadster, countered by “facts” disproving the claims. For one, Top Gear said the Roadster’s true range is only 55 miles per charge, although Tesla says it will do 200 miles. Reyes said the Roadster has been certified under EU regulations, and that Top Gear was wrong. He said a Tesla owner achieved “an astounding 313 miles on a single charge.” You can check out the blog post to see more of these points and counterpoints.Tesla is apparently not “doing this for money,” but feels the episode contains blatant lies that have been re-broadcasted and is widely available. BBC released a statement saying it stands by the program and will be “vigorously defending this claim.”The original episode is shown below.Read more at the Tesla Motors blog, via CrunchGearlast_img read more