Preparing for E3 Nintendo launches a Wii U showcase in Downtown Disney

first_imgAs we get closer and closer to the biggest gaming event of the year, it is becoming clear that Nintendo’s approach to showcasing the Wii U and new titles headed for the console are slightly more hands on than their competitors. Downtown Disney, the massive Disney themed shopping center just outside of their Florida parks, is about to play home to a huge hands on Wii U experience.Nintendo has has trouble with the Wii U since the day it was announced, when it wasn’t totally clear whether the company was releasing a new console or a new controller for their existing popular console. The new console was released with very little excitement and even fewer sales, and the lack of new titles for the console since launch has not done much to encourage new users to buy.There are signs all over the place that seem to indicate the Wii U is not long for this world. Not to be deterred by the slow progress of the console, Nintendo decided to offer gamers the ability to play the next wave of games to be announced at E3 the very next day at participating Best Buy locations. Keeping on that same path, the company is now setting up a massive gaming experience in Downtown Disney to showcase the best features of this not-quite-next-gen console.According to ThrillGeek, Nintendo has started rolling in huge cases designed to operate as standalone console demo stations. Everything from Wii U chat in separate booths to demo stations for current popular titles. When E3 starts, several stations are to be setup just like the Best Buy locations to allow players a hands on look at the titles that were only announced hours ago at the gaming convention.It’s also rumored that at least one of the demo stations will be used to showcase the upcoming Skylanders competitor, Disney Infinity. These demo stations are expected to stick around in Downtown Disney until June 23, with Nintendo staff on hand while they are open to answer any questions about the console or games. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Wii U Nintendoland DemoWii U Nintendoland DemoWii U Mario U DemoWii U ChatWii U DemoWii U SMB U DemoWii U Pikmin Demolast_img read more