Amazon Kindle will be free by November if price keeps falling at

first_imgAlthough Amazon‘s plans for the Kindle as an e-book publishing platform have been made clear by the software’s ubiquity across nearly all operating systems, what is less clear is Amazon’s plans for the Kindle e-reader in this post-PC, tablet-centric age.When the Kindle first debut back in 2009, it was a pretty cool gadget, launching at $350 and seemingly worth every penny (competing e-readers cost several hundred dollars more). Then the iPad came along, and made the Kindle suddenly seem irrelevant. Who wants a monochrome e-reader that just lets you read e-books and nothing else when you can have a vibrant, living, full-color tablet that can do everything from browsing to video to games?Amazon’s rather perfunctorily reduced the price of the Kindle since the iPad debuted down to $139 for the WiFi only version, but they’ve yet to update the Kindle to address any of the iPad’s strengths. It’s still black and white. It still just does reading. Amazon hasn’t even hinted that they’re working on the most obvious counter to the iPad: a color Android tablet. What gives?Check out the chart above. That’s what gives. Every generation, the Kindle — while barely improving in specs — gets cheaper and cheaper. At the current rate of price drops, it’ll cost almost nothing by November of this year.It now looks like this might have been Amazon’s plan for the Kindle all along. They don’t want to compete with the iPad. They just want to be able to give a free e-reader to every Amazon Prime subscriber, and sell it to everyone else at such a dirt cheap rate that literally no one in the country won’t be able to afford it. Amazon wants Kindle to be ubiquitous with e-books, which not only means making sure Kindle e-books are readable on every gadget out there… but also making sure they are readable by people who don’t have any gadgets at all.Brilliant.Read more at Techniumlast_img read more