Stop Go States shape dilemma of yellow light

first_imgJust about any driver knows the feeling: That moment when you’re approaching an intersection, and the traffic light turns yellow. But you’re in no man’s land. You’re not sure whether to stop or go ahead.Some call that area of indecision the “dilemma zone.” It’s the site of thousands of crashes each year in the United States. And it’s at least partially complicated by divergent traffic rules from state to state, according to Oregon State University researchers.“We think that causes a little bit of problem, the fact that there are varying laws,” said David Hurwitz, an OSU assistant professor of transportation engineering who helped author a recent study.Locally, major traffic rules don’t change much from one side of the Columbia River to the other. But there are smaller differences — speed limits, licensing requirements and the like. Law enforcement officials say those discrepancies aren’t enough to have a big impact on how they do their jobs.“It’s not like you have one state where you can drive under the influence and one state where you can’t,” said Oregon State Police Lt. Gregg Hastings. “Those things are pretty standard across the board.”last_img read more