Vinicius traces

first_imgVinicius is trading up, taking advantage of the fact that Madrid is taking it easy to recover Hazard and that Rodrygo fluctuates. Is going through rookie wall that Vinicius suffered last year. From its volcanic hat-trick to Galatasaray, on November 6, Rodrygo has only scored again in the inconsequential 1-3 in Bruges, where Vinicius also stood out. And Vinicius is with a point untied. He faced the Sevilla defenders four times and left them three times, although his pass to the penalty spot found no auctioneer.The trampoline coperoThe 25 Real Madrid is running for minutes and does so right now that the range of opportunities opens, with the start next Wednesday of the Copa del Rey for Madrid in Salamanca. The Cup was the lever that drove the great rise of Vinicius last season. Lopetegui considered that he still lacked “cooking” but when Solari debuted in Melilla, the Argentine did have Vini. The young Brazilian (by then he was 18 years old) responded by offering his first big night with two assistances in the 0-4 white in the first leg of the first round for Madrid. He rounded it in the return of the Bernabéu (6-1) with another goal pass and which was his first as a Real Madrid player. From that Cup to the current one, Vinicius now has another trampoline copper. In the Real Madrid attack there is only one screwed post, that of Benzema, the rest lives in a permanent horse race and Vinicius has traced. Less obsessed with the goal and more focused on the overflow and imagination, which is his thing, Vinicius took advantage of the 28 final minutes that Zidane gave him against Sevilla to show his repertoire of speed and dribbling with which he opened up again and again to the side Sevilla Sevilla Koundé. Vini cheered the end of the 2-1 white to Sevilla and takes advantage of Bale’s disgrace, who did not even see the show of his Brazilian teammate because he left the Bernabéu in the 82nd minute. last_img read more