Opposition Leader hosts Christmas children’s party

first_img…stresses on importance of educationOpposition Leader and former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo on Saturday hosted a children’s party in the spirit of Christmas, at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, at Hadfield Street, Georgetown.The former President serves guests at the Party’s children’s Christmas partyChildren of the Sophia, Gransville and Kuru Kururu communities came out in their numbers accompanied by their parents and guardians at the festive event.The Opposition Leader in a brief address to the gathering expressed his pleasure at being a part of such an initiative, which sought to bring joy and happiness to the children of Guyana, despite the political and economic hurdles facing the country.The children were selected from low-income areas around the region and the former President indicated that it is the least he could do during the Christmas season.“We thought we’d bring the kids to the office because we have had lots of parties around the country but I want them to be familiar with the office and be comfortable here with their parents and lot of these kids come from areas that are low-income areas wo we just wanted to make sure that we do something small for them and it’s no big deal.”The former President distributed presents to his guests and served them refreshments while reminding them of the importance of attaining an education, as he urged them to put their best foot forward in the pursuit of a successful future.He was accompanied by Members of Parliament, Juan Edghill and Nigel Dharamlall among other executives of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic.WalkaboutFollowing the children’s Christmas party, the former President in the company of fellow members of Parliament, took a walk in the midst of the hustle and bustle along Robb and Regent Streets, Georgetown where they met with and greeted business owners and late Christmas shoppers along the tour.The walk commenced at Freedom House in Robb Street and was definitely a mixed atmosphere, as the party members strolled along the busy streets of Georgetown. Some persons expressed delight while others were not too enthusiastic; taking the opportunity to highlight pressing issues and serve critical remarks.last_img read more

Airport staff tells you her most bizarre experience with flyer. Hilarious or scary? You decide

first_imgIt is always fun to know about the bizarre experiences that other people have gone through. Airport stories make for some of the most hilarious and bizarre incidents.Though we might have one or two of our own, someone who works at the airport might be experiencing such incidents on a regular basis.And we stumbled upon a Quora thread, “What is your most bizarre airport experience?” and it is gold for bizarre incidents at the airport.Quora user, Jehan Ramadan who has been in the Airline Industry for over 7 years shares some of the weirdest experiences that she has had in her career.She starts with an experience that will leave you shocked and in thought. This incident happened at the Los Angeles International Airport. She says, “I was working the front desk at our airline lounge one afternoon when a guest walked in and asked to purchase a day pass. She was a thin, 40-something brunette, about average height, sporting thick-rimmed glasses and a pixie cut. At first glance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.”She continues, “As I went through the process of selling her the pass, she started telling me about her day which turned into vague stories about her life. I kept having to pause and look up at her because I couldn’t follow what she was saying. She spoke rapidly and rambled about unrelated topics, jumping from one to the next. I attributed her behavior to airport stress and politely nodded and smiled (as one does when they work in customer service and are privy to many a life story). I handed her the receipt and welcomed her to the lounge, pointing in the direction of the main seating area.”advertisement”After she settled in, she approached the desk once more to ask about the amenities and we spoke again. I don’t remember what was said because my co-worker had distracted me during the conversation. He gave me an eyes wide open, brows raised look followed by a “why are you still talking to this woman” nudge because he noticed she was acting a bit erratically. I responded to him with an eyes wide open, brows raised look of my own followed by a “she’s nice and probably just anxious about traveling so don’t be mean” smile. “Whatever, I’m going on break.” He laughed. “Good luck.” She noticed none of this, as she was pacing from the desk to the door and back to the desk while looking at the ceiling and chattering about on the way back to her seat.”Now for the twist in the story, “Shortly after, a police officer entered. He showed me his badge and stated he was looking for a woman by my new friend’s first and last name. I informed him that she was there and led him to her seat in the center of the lounge where thirty or so other passengers started looking on curiously.The police officer spoke with her, asking basic questions such as her name and travel plans. He stepped outside the lounge for a moment and shortly returned with three more police officers. They advised me to cancel and refund her ticket, as she would “no longer be flying”. Minutes later, a handful of paramedics and firemen appeared with a stretcher.”Jehan shares her conversation with the Police officer, “What is going on? I asked. She escaped from a mental institution this morning. The officer beside me said in a low voice. Her husband reported her missing and we traced her here through his credit card charges,” Jehan wrote.She explains, “My eyes widened. ‘Yeah.’ He nodded in agreement.After consulting with my manager, I led them to a private room within the lounge so they could escort her without a peering audience. As they walked her there, she began knowingly screaming, “Please don’t take me back, please!” It took two men to cuff her to the stretcher while the others tried to calm her down but she resisted, sitting up and continuing to cry out, “Please it’s not true! My husband put me there, whatever he told you it’s not true! Don’t make me go back!” She began to swear in her proceeding cries for help.”Jehan says, “The medics injected her with a needle and her shouts diminished to whimpers. I stood frozen as she looked at me, eyes pleading, and begged “Don’t let them take me” before surrendering onto her back. My mind raced as rapidly as she had spoken when she first entered the lounge. What if she really didn’t belong there? What if it is a conspiracy? She didn’t seem like she needed to be in a mental institution, after all, she’d made it this far on her own But what if everything they are saying is true? Maybe her husband really is just trying to help her… Can I do anything either way? I knew that the answer was no and gazed down helplessly. They led her out through the room’s private exit as I proceeded to apologize to the other guests in the lounge, purposely avoiding direct eye contact and mumbling something about how I couldn’t give them any other information but that they had nothing to worry about. I went back to my desk. As I canceled her ticket, my co-worker returned. “Did I miss anything?”advertisementI kid you not.”We have for sure never heard anything like this before.This is not it, another story that Jehan shared with us is hilarious. She says “Second story is short and “sharp”! I worked out of Logan Airport in Boston for a year before transferring to LAX. Our ticket counter there was directly adjacent to TSA, so we saw everything. One time an elderly passenger was going through with his cane when TSA discovered a sword inside of it. Yes, a sword. He claimed he had no prior knowledge.”She delights us with one more, “Last but definitely not least, we had a woman fly from Seattle to Los Angeles with her “emotional support” turkey. It is banned now but at the time there was no written policy that specifically forbade it.”She also left us with a picture so that we believe her. Have a look. Woman carries a ‘support Turkey’ in a flightAnother story that she shared was, “My friend was opening the baggage office at 5 am when she heard a loud thud. Random noises are not uncommon at LAX, but the Arrivals area at 5 am is generally quiet. She walked over to the baggage carousel to investigate the sound and saw a man lying on the floor covered in dust and pieces of plaster. She looked up and saw a giant hole in the ceiling. This man literally fell through the ceiling. Police officers were called and upon further investigation, they found blankets, toothpaste, shaving cream, and other amenities up there. Some of you may remember this story from the news, but they found out he had been living in the ceiling above the baggage carousel for months, rent-free!” Have you had experiences this bizarre?ALSO SEE | Manchester woman wears seven dresses and two shorts to avoid Rs 6k excess baggage fineALSO SEE | Flight attendant shares travel tips to solve all your problems on boardALSO WATCH | What happens when a single girl goes to Uzbekistanlast_img read more

Klaveness to Take Delivery of 3 CABU Carriers Soon

first_imgzoom Norwegian shipping company Torvald Klaveness has revealed that three 80,500 dwt CABU combination carriers being built for the company by China-based Zheiang Ouhua Shipbuilding will be delivered soon, starting from this September.The naming ceremonies for the first two vessels, MV Balboa and MV Baffin, took place last week at the shipyard in Zhousan.According to Klaveness, MV Balboa will be delivered at the end of September 2016 and MV Baffin in November. On its maiden voyage, MV Balboa will ship caustic soda from Taiwan to Australia.The third vessel, MV Ballard, is scheduled for delivery in January 2017.Klaveness ordered the three CABU combination carriers in 2013 and 2014.“The new vessels have been designed to reduce fuel consumption with 5-10 % achieved through amongst others an optimal hull form, fuel saving devices and a low RPM main engine with large diameter propeller,” according to the company.In December 2015, Klaveness ordered three 83,500 dwt combination carriers from China’s Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding, slated for delivery during the second half of 2018.Klaveness’ current fleet is comprised of six CABU combination carriers, eight containerships and one Kamsarmax vessel.last_img read more

Search for Royal Caribbean Crewmember Called Off

first_imgImage Courtesy: USCGAfter searching a total of over 5,000 square-nautical miles, the United States Coast Guard has suspended the search operation for  a cruise ship crewmember who went missing from the cruise ship Liberty of the Seas on April 24.The search for Norman DeCastro was halted at 12:42 pm local time on Tuesday after the authorities searched the area some 170 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas.Watchstanders at the Coast Guard Eighth District command center in New Orleans received a report on Monday that the 39-year-old Filipino crewmember was missing aboard the cruise ship, operated by Miami-based cruise line Royal Caribbean International.The USCG said that the was last seen at 10:30 pm, Sunday, on the ship’s closed-circuit television.Involved in the search efforst were HC-144 Ocean Sentry airplane crews from Coast Guard Air Station Corpus Christi and Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, and the coast guard cutters Manowar and Pompano.last_img read more

If we use the net correctly it can be a resource –

first_imgPope Francis conducts a mass at Santa Marta chapel at the Vatican May 28, 2019. Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERSPope Francis conducts a mass at Santa Marta chapel at the Vatican May 28, 2019. Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS Pope Francis has said that if the internet and digital communication is used correctly, it can be a resource to people.The head of the Catholic Church explained that digital communication is no match for the physical meeting and interaction with people, but if it helps to bridge distance between people and families who then meet physically, then it can be a benefit.Pope Francis delivers these comments ahead of the 53rd World Communications Day event due to be held on the 2nd June.Focus on CommunityDuring his address, the Pope explores the concept of community which is presented through the internet.  While recognising its ability to create decentralised and horizontal connections between people, he says that the way that online communities form and exist are set around specific interests and can be divisive and therefore not ‘not automatically synonymous’ with the idea of community, ‘as a network of solidarity requires mutual listening and dialogue, based on the responsible use of language.’This, in the online context, can lead to the spread of prejudice against certain groups and identities as well as, ‘unbridled individualism which sometimes ends up fomenting spirals of hatred.’‘In this way, what ought to be a window on the world becomes a showcase for exhibiting personal narcissism,’ Pope Francis adds.On the topic of the Net and young people, he stresses that the digital realm has the consequence of young people ending up isolating themselves from others. This he says shows, ‘a serious rupture in the relational fabric of society, one we cannot ignore.’We should all promote positive useThe Pope explains that currently the use of the internet and its propensity to be divisive, individualistic and isolatory, raise serious questions about the fabric of society. This in turn is having a serious impact on government and the Church.He stresses that while a focus on protecting the original free, open and secure nature of the internet is vital, it is up to everyone. ‘We all have the possibility and the responsibility to promote its positive use.’WhatsApp <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a> SharePrintlast_img read more