Booth Created To Ease Nursing Home COVID-19 Testing In Chautauqua County

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Submitted image.GERRY – Heritage Ministries and Lutheran of Jamestown are working together to follow New York’s new nursing home testing mandates.The two elderly care facilities will soon deploy new mobile testing booths created by Heritage’s Vice President of Facilities and local business D & S Glass.The booths will be adaptable to allow staff members to adjust to the height of each person, accommodating those who are unable to actively sit up or stand easily.They feature a plexiglass wall with a small access panel for test administration. Officials say the wall will protect both residents and staff from exposure, and will also help preserve valuable, and sometimes difficult to obtain, personal protective equipment, which would normally have to be changed out after each test and potential exposure.Heritage is also developing a plan to effectively clean and disinfect each station after use with the help of their certified infection control nurse.“As we have been directed to move into mandated testing for all employees by Governor Cuomo’s office, we needed to determine how we could implement that efficiently, while complying with all regulations,” said Lisa Haglund, newly confirmed Heritage Ministries President and CEO. “At this difficult time in our industry, it is important that we work together to protect our most vulnerable population, our seniors.”“Working with our fellow senior living communities is essential in order to provide the absolute best care for all of our residents,” she furthered.Heritage Ministries was founded in 1886 and has grown from its original campus in Gerry, to six locations in New York with additional affiliations across the United States.last_img read more

Are your cross-sellers dropping the hand-off at your credit union?

first_imgIt’s what every credit union hopes for…an existing member is interested in another product or applying for a new loan. Often, there is a hand off that is required from one employee to another. That hand-off is crucial not only to a successful sale, but also to building a stronger relationship with your member. Too often, that hand-off isn’t handled as well as it could be.Let’s look at a real life situation.A member calls and says she is in the process of buying a car and would like to get an auto loan.  She reached out to Joanne in Business Services since the member already had her business accounts with Joanne and had a relationship with her. Joanne said, “Terrific, come on in and I’ll introduce you to Daniel who handles auto loans.”So the member comes to the branch and is greeted by Joanne.   Joanne chats with the member about the car she’s looking to buy until Daniel finishes with his customer.   So far so good.   When Joanne sees that Daniel is done, she rings him and he comes out. Joanne says, “Daniel, this is member, member, this is Daniel. Great to see you (member).” Daniel shakes the member’s hand and walks her back to his office.Joanne and Daniel just fumbled the hand-off.There were three missed opportunities.   Did you spot them? All had to do with a lack of transfer of trust.Missed Opportunity #1 – Transfer member relationship information (and say something nice)   Joanne has a lot of information about the member and thanks to their chat, information about the car she’s interested in.   Joanne had an opportunity to share two key pieces of information with DanielOne was to acknowledge the existing relationship and say something nice about the member. “At (credit union) we’re a big time fan of (member). She runs a successful sales consultancy right here in (town). She has all her personal and business accounts with us.”You may be thinking, but Daniel will likely see that information on his computer screen when he starts the process True, but it’s important to publically acknowledge and thank the member (in the hand-off) for being such a great customer.   If you can share something nice about the member as well, even better.Missed Opportunity #2 – Transfer member situational informationThe second piece of information that should have been shared was about the car. Members traditionally hate having to repeat information.   If information is shared with someone, in the hand-off a synopsis should be shared with the person the member is being handed to.   In this case, Joanne could say, “(Member) is looking at a Honda Accord she likes at (dealership).   She found a 2013 special edition and is ready to move fast. She’s already got an estimate for her trade-in.”It was great that Joanne had the time to talk to the member. Sharing the information not only shows Joanne was listening and paying attention, but also helps the member who doesn’t have to start all over at square one with the new loan officer.Missed opportunity #3- Transfer of information about the employee the member is being handed to (and say something nice)This is the most common missed opportunity I see in my work with credit unions.   In every transaction, the member has initial contact with someone. Whether that person has known the member for years or minutes, a bond is created (providing that employee does their job right).   It’s important for that “trust” to be transferred to the next person.In the case of Joanne and Daniel, Joanne could say, “(Member) I want you to meet Daniel. Daniel is going to take great care of you. He’s probably helped more members buy cars than just about anyone I know.   He’s also just a great guy. I understand you want to move fast so I know Daniel will do everything he can to expedite the process.”Note that she also shared the member’s key concern – moving fast.Bonus: It would also be nice if Daniel has something nice to say about Joanne.When you build in this transfer of trust you’ll have more successful hand-offs and better results for your members and your credit union. 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Holly Buchanan Holly Buchanan is the author of Selling Financial Services to Women – What Men Need to Know and Even Women Will Be Surprised to Learn. She is the co-author of The … Web: Detailslast_img read more