HISTORY Stenzels alltime dream handball team

← Previous Story PPD Zagreb beat Rhein Neckar Lowen after furious second half! Next Story → Handbollskanalen launches special EURO 2016 page One of the iconic handball persons, legendary coach from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Vlado Stenzel, made a list of the best handball team ever for Handball-Planet.com. Stenzel won the first ever Olympic gold medal in history of our sport in Munchen 1972 with Yugoslavia, afterwards he was leading Germany to their first ever World’s gold medal in 1978.Legendary Stenzel was on helm of German handball until 1982. He is still active in age 83 and ready to share his thoughts about our beautiful sport.Here is Stenzel BEST 21 in the history of handball.Goalkeepers:1. Thierry Omeyer (France)2. Abas Arslanagic (Yugoslavia – 1972)3. Andrei Lawrow (Russia)Left wings:1. Lars Christiansen (Denmark)2. Mile Isakovic (Yugoslavia)3. Jonas Källman (Sweden)Left backs:1. Nikola Karabatic (France)2. Joachim Deckarm (Germany)3. Erhard Wunderlich (Germany)Playmakers:1. Hrvoje Horvat (Yugoslavia)2. Domagoj Duvnjak (Croatia)3. Magnus Wislander (Sweden)Right backs:1. Kyung-Shin Yoon (South Korea)2. Laszlo Nagy (Hungary)3. Staffan Olsson (Sweden)Right wings:1. Victor Tomas (Spain)2. Luc Abalo (France)3. Mirza Dzomba (Croatia)Line players:1. Igor Vori (Croatia)2. Julen Aguinagalde (Spain)3. Marcus Alhm (Sweden) read more