Algerian Court Summons Politician Louisa Hanoune for Testimony on Said Bouteflikas

Rabat – Algerian Military Court has summoned the leader of the Worker Party, Louisa Hanoune.Algerian news agency APS reported that Hanoune is summoned as part of an investigation into the arrest of  Said Bouteflika, younger brother of former Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and two former army generals.Algerian police arrested Said Bouteflika along with General Mohamed Mediene, known as Toufik, and ex-intelligence coordinator Athmane Tartag last week. They were arrested  for alleged “conspiracy” against the anti-government protests. Algerian news outlets said that Hanoune is arrested for testimony in the case.The summoning of Hanoune comes a few days after the politician stood against  a statement from military chief Gaid Salah, who called for a dialogue to solve the political crisis in Algeria.The politician also accused Salah of interfering in political affairs, which is against the constitution.Algeria has been hit by waves of anti-government protests since February.  Initiated to oppose a re-election bid from former President Bouteflika, the protests have morphed into demands of radical leadership overhaul. In recent weeks, protesters  have persistently called for the immediate departure of the political establishment..Friday, May 10, will mark the 12th week of protests. Amid the continuous crisis, the government announced that the  election would be held on July 4. Many protesters, however, are threatening to boycott the election. read more