Rabat Hospital Denies Rumors on Premature Babies Deaths

Rabat – Following news about the death of 3 to 6 premature babies at the Rabat Souissi maternity ward, the Ibn Sina University Hospital issued Wednesday, April 9, a statement for clarification. The administration at the hospital denied yesterday’s news that the premature babies’ death had been a result of a power outage. It argued the outage occurred at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday, April 6, and could not have caused yesterday’s deaths.It stated, however, that there were only three deaths due to poor health conditions. The first baby, who weighed no more than 1.5 kilograms, died at 4 p.m., nine hours after the power blackout. The second and third babies, weighing less than 680 and 850 grams, respectively, died at 8 p.m., 13 hours after the blackout.Read also: Nurse Blames Power Outage for Premature Babies’ Deaths at Rabat HospitalThe administration also stated that the hospital did not witness a full power outage. It was only partial and affected just three socket outlets. The outage lasted for 7 minutes only, read the statement. The administration also stressed that the hospital is equipped with two standby power generators. Rabat’s hospital in ‘catastrophic’ stateA nurse at the hospital linked the deaths of several prematurely-born infants on Saturday, April 6, to a power outage.A member of the Moroccan Network for the Defense of Health Rights, Lehbib Kerroum, questioned the hospital’s director Said Tayer’s claim that the babies’ deaths was due to health issues. “How come four deaths happened at the same time?” asked Kerroum, describing the state of the hospital as “catastrophic.” Kerroum also said that a “black report’ had been issued last year on the conditions of the hospital but was not published. read more